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Beyoncé: Formation World Tour


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Saturday I saw Beyoncé in all her mighty glory for the second time. I thought the show was epic and well worth the hefty payment I made for those tickets. The last time I saw her in the o2, I wasn’t left amazed by her. This time round she performed in Wembley Stadium,  so for those of you that know both the o2 and Wembley, will know that this show was on a much bigger scale. Throughout the concert, she took you through a range of emotions, from being that Bad B, saying “I slay” to saying “I ain’t sorry” to “can’t you see there’s no other man above you”.
The show was laced with subliminal messages and political statements. When I first heard her new album Lemonade, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it and it caused quite a stir due to her singing about alleged infidelity in her marriage.
One thing I can say, is that she really made you consider your life in terms of – am I that strong, independent go-getter? Can I say “Bow down b*****s”? Am I a “diva”? If you were left pondering these things, then the answer is you better get to work!

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