Travel Comfortably In Economy

So you don’t have the luxury of travelling first class or on your own private jet like The Kardashians and economy is your only option within your budget. Fear not! There are ways to make your journey much more manageable if you can’t afford to upgrade…

Choose Your Seats Wisely 

If you’re travelling by air, checkin for most airlines usually opens 24 hours before your flight.  Before this 24 hour period you are able to choose your seats, but this comes at a cost. To secure yourself with extra legroom or seats closest to the exits, you can fork out anything from £25 to £50 each way!  Although this may be a good idea when travelling long haul, you can always avoid this cost and try your luck when it comes to checkin.  My advice is – as soon as online checkin opens, be the first in line to check yourself in.  This way you’ll have a better chance of picking your preferred seats (window seats are best) and if you’re travelling with a partner, you can ensure you sit together.

Try Your Luck & Upgrade 

If you’re a bit of a risk taker, you may be able to snag yourself a big discount on available upgrades on the day of your departure. Bear in mind, you are not guaranteed to get an upgrade, but there’s no harm in trying your luck.

You can also request an upgrade when you first book your ticket. Your ticket will then be issued with an upgrade request code, that should seats be available, you may be entitled to a free move to business or first class.

Travel Right & Light 

If you’re on a long haul flight, the last thing you want to be is uncomfortable. Making sure your clothing is suitable is a major key. Although we all want to look like celebs that are being papped as they walk through the airport – loose fitting and elasticated clothing is advisable, think tracksuits and trainers.
Bring socks and slippers if you have space – next time you stay at a hotel that provide towelling slippers, make sure you hold onto them, as they can be very handily flat packed.
Travelling light is another key, as you want to optimise the space you have and avoid having bags by your feet.

Make Your Own Amenity Pack 

Feel first class with your own DIY amenity kit. The kits supplied vary from airline to airline, but they will normally include:

  • Eye mask
  • Ear plugs
  • Socks
  • Skincare products
  • Toothbrush + toothpaste
Courtesy of Cathway Pacific

Airline Matters

If you are flying economy, the airline you choose can go a long way. Airlines such as, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic offer complimentary meals/snacks and in most cases offer a basic amenity kit. On long haul flights, you will be treated to the latest movie releases and there are enough options to keep you occupied, as well as take your mind off the fact you’re sitting in economy.

Bring Your Own Food

You may not be a fan of airplane food, so your best option is to bring your own. This way you can’t complain at the quality provided in economy and you can assure your dietary requirements are fulfilled.

Top Tip: Sign up to airline loyalty programmes, such as Virgin Flying Club, and earn points every time you travel. Each time you accumulate points, you are one-step closer to saving yourself money on future flights. What’s even better, is that when you have enough points, you can use them to upgrade!

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