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LDN’s Public Garden Squares

As the sun continues to shine across London, many of us are stuck at work with that one fan to try keep us cool.  One minute we’re complaining how terrible the weather is and the next we’re complaining that it’s too hot – you can never win!  If you are the unlucky one sat in a stuffy office with no longer than an hour break for lunch, then here’s how to make the most of it.  Nip down to your nearest garden square, where you can get in a quick sunbathing session or a nice snooze.


Golden Square, Soho

In the heart of Soho, a short walk away from Canarby Street and Regent Street.  A popular destination for nearby workers to enjoy their lunch or just kick back on the grass areas or benches.

Berkeley Square, Mayfair

Open lawn areas with specks of sunlight, great for those looking for more shaded areas on those warmer summer days.  Named after the Berkley family, who resided in Berkeley House in London, that was located nearby until 1733. Disabled access available.

Grosvenor Square, Mayfair

A large garden square Mayfair with vast green areas and benches.  Takes its name from the Duke of Westminster.  Features a statue of former US President Ronald Reagan.

Hanover Square, Mayfair

An assortment of potted plants fill this square, set in Mayfair.  Notable statues include William Pitt (former politician and twice Prime Minister).  Dappled shaded areas of green and a few benches scattered around.


Finsbury Circus
Finsbury Circus, 21/7/2003

The oldest park in London.  200 year old trees and the only Japanese Pagoda tree in the City occupy this garden.

St Andrews, Holborn
St Andrews Garden Holborn

This tranquil open space is favoured with City workers offering a quiet place for afternoon meditation.

Lincoln Inn Field’s, Holborn
Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.42.43

Largest public square in London with an extensive grass areas making it perfect for lunch in the sun.  Tennis courts, a netball court and historic monuments make this garden an attractive spot to visit.


Russell Square, Bloomsbury
C8B6A0 Fountain in Russell Square Gardens park Bloomsbury district London England UK Europe

Here’s one for the students.  Situated near the University of London and the British Museum.  A small fountain sits in the middle surrounded by benches and towering trees.

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