Sometimes life is all about spontaneous gestures and adventures.  This weekend was quite an action-packed one, with not much time to settle down or relax, before getting back into the swing of things come Monday morning.

What did I get up to this weekend?
Well for one, I was on the road for the majority of it.  On Saturday, I found myself at Tulleys Farm where I done air rifle shooting and quad biking in the forest.  For £54, we able to do each activity for an hour at a time, which I thought was good value for money.  I particularly enjoyed the quad biking, even though the quad bike nearly handled me.

Air rifle shooting

On Sunday, I woke up and said to my mum “let’s go Camber Sands!”. Very impromptu, but like I said, life is all about spontaneous adventures.  The weather wasn’t as great as it had been earlier in the week, but once the sun peaked through, it was warm enough – just not warm enough for a swim in the sea.  Unfortunate events took us on a little bit of a detour from Camber Sands to Whinchelsea Beach, but later we were granted access and able to visit Camber.  You can reach Camber Sands in under 2 hours from London.

Wind turbines en route to the beach
Whinchelsea Beach
Camber Sands x Fab
Camber Sands with a Fab in my hand

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