24 Hours: Budapest

What To Do In Budapest In Less Than 24 Hours…

I was in Budapest recently on a business trip and only had half a day to explore this majestic city. Although I was in a conference on Thursday and Friday, I got to enjoy the city at night having many different culinary experiences from Michelin to more traditional.  The food in Budapest is so heavy and I drank red wine by the bucket load.  I spent the last evening at Bock Bisztró in Pest, having a five-course meal where I almost went into a food coma! It was however a delight, trying different Hungarian wines with each course. My favourite of the tastings was their dessert wine made in the Tokaji region.

“Budapest” used to be two separate towns named “Buda” and “Pest” before they were merged in the 19th Century to become “Budapest”. Even today the two names remain with the chain bridge connecting the two sides.

Saturday was my only day to get in some quick sightseeing before jetting off home. Here’s what I managed to see/visit with only 7 hours to explore…

The Szchenyi Spa

Parlamento Budapest


St Stephen’s Basilica

Bock Bisztró

Chain Bridge

The Jewish Quarter

Random sightings 

My very questionable choice of footwear

fullsizerender-6 fullsizerender-1  fullsizerender-9 fullsizerender

Dinner at a secret location

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