Desert Safari in Dubai – Is It Worth It?

Back in May, my partner and I went to Dubai. During the trip, we went on a desert safari. I wanted to share my experience and if I thought it was worth it, as it is always one of the recommended things to do when visiting Dubai.

What is a Safari?
According the Oxford dictionary, a Safari is technically defined as –

An expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat

Can you see animals on a desert safari?
No – although a safari is technically defined as observing animals, it can also be defined as an overland journey or any recreational journey. There were however camels, but this was at the end of the “dune bashing”, where you could have a short ride on them.


How can it be organised?
We organised our desert safari through our hotel. I believe this is the easiest way and they have different packages at a range of prices.

What is included?
As mentioned before, there are different packages. Our package included:

  • Half day morning or evening safari where you are taken “Dune Bashing”
  • Camel riding
  • Shisha
  • Henna tattoos
  • Buffet style food
  • Live entertainment including belly dancing.


Is the experience worth it?
Ok, so to round up the experience – it isn’t worth paying more than £50pp for the experience, as there isn’t much to do.
We headed out from the hotel around 4pm and got back to the hotel before 9pm.
I recommend going in the evening like we did to catch an awe inspiring sunset on top of the sand dunes. Some packages include star gazing, which would have been pretty amazing (but I’ve actually done a star “watching” excursion before).
If you have a weak stomach, then it is advisable that you don’t eat too soon before you go, as when you hit those dunes, you’re in for a real turbulent ride.
There was an additional cost to go on quad bikes, but we skipped this.
The camel ride was very short, you were literally taken around in a circle with a few pictures being snapped, probably lasted like 10 minutes.
The food provided was nothing special and we had to wait around a little while for it.
All-in-all, the experience offers some picturesque views with fun entertainment and I do think it is an activity you can’t really miss off your to-do-list whilst in Dubai.

Have you been on a desert safari? Did you think it was unmissable?

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