YO! Sushi: Sushi School

I never really do much for my birthday, but this year I felt like doing a little activity with my friends. It’s always more fun than just going for a standard meal.

SO I thought, how can I incorporate my favourite thing…food with an exciting activity. That’s when I came up with the idea to do a sushi making class. I LOVE sushi, so naturally it was the best option for myself.

I organised the class with YO! Sushi in Baker Street. On booking the experience, I was advised we could pay when we arrived and it’s a good thing as well, because of late-arrivers!

The venue itself was situated on the corner of Baker Street station. Not the most glamorous of settings, but when we got into the class, you almost forgot this part.

Although we weren’t taken to a private room, the class was held at the back of the restaurant so it felt like we were in our own secluded space.

Our instructor started off by giving us a quite in depth history lesson about sushi and sashimi and the differences between the two. Although interesting, it did take up a considerable portion of the class and we were itching to get started. It also didn’t help that we were starving.

I was glad to learn that the rice had been pre-cooked and we were just given an overview of how you prepare the rice.

We were each given a sushi rolling mat (that we got to keep) and a bowl of rice to share between our groups. After a brief demonstration, we began rolling our sushi with added ingredients. All-in-all relatively simple if you paid attention and had the seaweed the right way up.

The class was enjoyable, in spite of it being a little long. We sipped on prosecco while rolling our sushi and fought our temptation to eat each sushi roll straight after we made it.

The finished products included nigri (fish on a ball of sushi rice), maki (seaweed-wrapped variety), uramaki (rice on the outside) and temaki (sushi hand-rolled into a cone shape).

We made more sushi than we could consume in one sitting, so the class definitely offers good value for money considering the cost of individually ordering each item we made off the belt.

I’d recommend YO! Sushi based on the equipment you are supplied with and how easy the class was to follow. Only thing I’d offer as critique, is to spend less time talking history and more time with the practical.

Cost: £30pp/£25pp if booked in pairs
Value for money: ★★★★☆
Length: About 3 hours

Finished product – all this sushi just for me!

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