5 Days in Phuket

With only 5 days to do explore and relax, is 5 days enough time to spend in Phuket? Well simple answer is…just about! Here’s how I spent 5 days in Phuket, whilst managing to fit everything in I had planned to do.

Day 1

Unfortunately, my partner and I went to Phuket as the monsoon season was approaching, so we were met with heavy rainfall. We’re from London, so rain isn’t uncommon to us, but the difference in Phuket is, it’s still warm when it does.

To make use of the day and not be defeated by the rain, we headed to Jungceylon mall in Patong. We needed to get an iron and found a decently priced one in one of their department stores. Here you can find entertainment such as cinema and bowling, restaurants and a variety of stores to suit your needs. It is the ideal place to take refuge in when it’s raining.

In Jungceylon Mall

For dinner we headed to a restaurant in Kathu, called Thong Dee, before heading to the infamous Bangla Road, Patong, for a couple drinks (be weary of the bar staff trying to play connect four with you – if you lose, you owe them a drink!).

Day 2

We arranged a boat trip to Phi Phi islands through our hotel the day before. Pickup was at 7am! We were then transported to the port, where we boarded a speedboat to take us on our way.

The tour included hire of snorkeling kit and a buffet style lunch on one of the islands. If you get motion sickness, then this boat trip is probably not advisable. It is very bumpy and you feel like you’re on a roller coaster every time the boat hits a wave.

Although all the islands are so naturally beautiful, there are SO many tourists and you can’t escape them at any turn! We felt this took away from our experience when we went to Maya Bay – which was definitely the busiest of the islands.

Monkey Island

If you do go on this trip, do jump off the boat and snorkel. You will see so many colourful and exotic fishes.

Would I do this trip again? No, simply because I don’t like really touristy activities.

Day 3

Another rainy day. We spent most the day sleeping and then when we got up, the rain had cleared. To avoid doing absolutely nothing that day, we got ready and headed to Phuket Town, where they have a weekend market selling clothes/accessories and an array of street food for dirt cheap. My partner and I are major foodies, so we were in food heaven with all the different choices that lined the street.

Later that evening we went to watch Thai boxing at the Bangla Road Boxing Stadium. It is pretty expensive, especially to sit ringside, but try having a word with the seller to see what deal they can do for you.

Day 4

On Day 3 we had arranged for a driver to take us to Tiger Kingdom and Big Buddha. Having a driver worked out perfectly, because we saved costs booking individual taxis to each location.

I would advise against going to Tiger Kingdom, as I don’t believe in being a spectator of caged animals, especially ones that look like they could be drugged.

After this, we made our way to Big Buddha. The drive up to Big Buddha is pretty scenic with lots of vegetation. You will see ATVs for hire and elephants by the roadside. Once you get up to Big Buddha there isn’t much to see or do, apart from take in sweeping vistas. Despite this, it’s worth a trip up there if you plan it as a combined trip like we did.

Big Buddha
Day 5

On the last day, we had an early flight to Guangzhou, so our Thailand adventures ended here.

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