Zip World!

After a laborious 5 hour drive to North Wales, my friend and I finally made it to our hotel in the late hours of Saturday evening.

The next day, rested and fuelled for action, we headed to Zip World, but not before going to buy a SD card for the GoPro!!

Zip World features nine different adventures from bouncing below in the caverns to a mile long zipline, where riders can exceed 100mph – it is the nearest thing to flying!

We started our adverture on the most recent addition, Fforest Coaster. We sped through the Alpines on our sledge turning corners with little caution four times, before heading onto Skyride, a giant swing that takes you 80ft high, then sends you down in a frenzied plummet.

Lastly, we headed to the badboy of all adventures – Velocity!! Taking you over the quarry lake at 100mph, this zip line is nothing short of amazing. It’s the fastest in the world and the longest in Europe. If there’s one adventure you can’t miss, then it’s this one for sure!

If you don’t have the patience to travel for five hours like us, then lucky for you, you don’t have to. Zip World London, is now open in Southbank for the summer months only and is the biggest, fastest, city zip wire in the world!

Watch a short clip of our experience here –

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