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Review of Browhaus Mayfair

Browhaus is the first of its kind. With locations in London, New York and Asia, Browhaus is really here to change the game of brow maintenance.

They offer a range of “Brow Construction” services from basic brow shaping to semi-permenant eyebrows. I tried their Browgraphy service which consisted of shaping and a colour tint.




My technician was very friendly and helpful. She suggested a medium brown (my goodness, I wouldn’t dare go any darker!) and then told me what she’d do to the shape. I don’t really have overly thick eyebrows, so the shaping was very minimal.

I then sat with the tint on my eyebrows for a maximum of 5 minutes (the longer left on, the darker). There was no irritation from the dye and the result turned out pretty good.


I couldn’t fault the customer service and speed of the whole process. I wouldn’t say there is much difference from before, apart from them being darker. I would have liked them a little more arched, but as I said, I didn’t have much to work with before they became too thin.


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