The Life of a Foodie

12:35 – the wait was almost over! As we approached the front of the line, a sense of fulfillment came over us. My partner aka my foodie in crime, and I had been waiting for the best part of half an hour in a queue that winded all the way to the back of the restaurant. Which restaurant is this you may ask? The restaurant in question is Padella, which serves pasta and antipasti dishes.

For weeks now, we had been attempting to visit, but it always seemed like the universe was against us, either it was raining or no parking. However, the stars had aligned and today was the day! Weather was mild and determination was high.

You may have passed Padella, seen the long queue and thought “hmm what’s the fuss?” I’m here to tell you if it is definitely worth the wait…

Set on two levels, we were led downstairs to a slightly bigger dining area, which also looked a little more comfortable. The appearance alone is striking with marble counters and black and gold tables.

The menu is short, but the choice is hard. After waiting almost 40 minutes, you don’t want to get it wrong. Luckily two ladies next to us saw us debating over which dish to get and peering over at what someone else had chosen. They suggested the pici and the gnocchi and then we chose the duck mezzaluna. All pasta is freshly hand rolled so you had to exert further patience here.

Finally our dishes came and we tucked right in. We shared all three dishes, but as two big eaters, a fourth dish  was probably necessary. Let’s start with our favourite – the gnocchi, a simple yet mouthwatering dish. I got way ahead of myself with this dish and almost forgot to leave some for my partner. Runner up was the duck mezzaluna followed by the pici, which is meant to be one of their most popular dishes.

The final verdict…So was it worth waiting 30 minutes and would we return? Yes it was worth the wait, but we wont be returning unless there was a very minimal wait.

The pasta was well cooked, but the portions weren’t satisfying enough. If you’re hungry and greedy like us, order four dishes minimum. All dishes are affordable and you’ll roughly pay around £30 for a starter and a few pasta dishes.

From top to bottom: Duck mezzaluna, gnocchi & pici

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