We were defeated

Enish wasn’t featured on my Best African Restaurants in South London list because I hadn’t visited it yet. So of course if you’ve read the above post you’ll know how much I love my African food and why I had to try it out.

As always my partner and I went for Sunday lunch – this was a pre-Valentines meal and we had been looking forward to visiting since his brother had told him about their chicken suya.

I must admit I had higher expectations of a plusher setting than what I walked into, but I wasn’t going to let it deter me. We got there not long after opening so were sat immediately. Having been advised by my partner’s brother about what to get, we decided to go with what was recommended.

We ordered the whole chicken suya, a portion of plantain and fried yam. The chicken suya comes in half and whole portions, but a whole portion is NOT for one person, unless you have an enormous appetite. As greedy as my partner and I are, we could not finish it between us and had to take it away.

The service was very quick and they give each table a call bell to alert the waiters. The food was equally as quick with average presentation.

The chicken suya was more flavorful than spicy – sometimes in the past I have eaten suya and it has been so peppery it has overridden the flavours (and I’m definitely big on flavour over spice). As I mentioned before, the portion size was extremely generous and enough to share between at least three to four people. It would be interesting to see the contrast between the half and whole portion.

The fried yam were a little overcooked but the plantain were cooked just the way I like them – not too soft, ripe and slightly fluffy.

They have two locations and we visited the Lewisham one, as it is our nearest venue. We had an enjoyable experience at Enish and couldn’t complain with how we were treated or the quality and taste of the food. We will be returning again in the near future!

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