Desert Safari in Dubai – Is It Worth It?

Back in May, my partner and I went to Dubai. During the trip, we went on a desert safari. I wanted to share my experience and if I thought it was worth it, as it is always one of the recommended things to do when visiting Dubai. What is a Safari? According the Oxford dictionary, a Safari is technically defined as – An expedition to … Continue reading Desert Safari in Dubai – Is It Worth It?

Life from 2,717ft below

I have now been back in London for three weeks and that holiday that was once looming over my shoulders has now come to pass 😦

What’s this holiday I talk of? I’m talking about the high rises, the fast cars, the bright lights and the private islands, all which make up the wonderful city of Dubai.

For my partner and I, it was our first time to Dubai and also our first time away with each other. To be in such a new setting from back home (which is London for us), we were constantly amazed by the vast differences between the two places. For one, let’s talk about the HEAT – temperatures rose to an average of 37° EVERY single day! This was unbearable at times and made walking barefoot a sprint to shaded areas.

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